"I can't recommend Kyle highly enough.  He shattered every conception I had about what "life coaching" means.   His process is one of leading you towards your best, most authentic self, and having FUN doing it.  He's a master at shifting perspective and allowing you to approach challenges with newly shed light"    

- Adam K: Broadway Actor

"Kyle is so wonderful and is perfectly suited for life coaching! He is open, caring, compassionate, down to earth and hilarious. He brings all of these qualities to his sessions with his clients. You truly feel that he is on your side and wants to help you to achieve your goals and personal happiness. Even with topics that are scary and uncomfortable (and aren't the ones we need to work on usually scary and uncomfortable?), Kyle leads you through to possibility and positivity and offers you a way out of your own fear and closer to your best you"

- Natalie J: Cabaret Star Extraordinaire

"Coaching with Kyle is like having your own Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion as you navigate your yellow brick road of life. Providing you with the tools of an honest mind, open heart and that little nudge of courage (skipping optional) ."

- Mikey P: Star Dresser/Bad-ass Bedazzler

“ Kyle’s approach to coaching is a gift to any client! He's full of positive energy, humor,  and is one hundred percent available and present. He makes you feel like you are the only thing that matters in the world and is brimming with creative ideas. When I'm blocked, feel in need of shifts in my life, or am desiring extra support, I use Kyle because the results I see within myself are extraordinary. He has guided me through tremendous changes in my life and helped me realize I already had the power and answers…I just needed a little extra support to discover them.”

- Collin B: International Model, Life Coach

"I was initially resistant to the idea of 'life coaching.' However, after working with Kyle I not only had a new and profound respect for the discipline, but also I was impressed with Kyle as a skilled practitioner. He was able to help me identify barriers preventing me from moving forward, create strategies for overcoming these barriers, set goals for next step plans, and together I was held accountable for these goals. There is no doubt that working with Kyle played a part in securing my recent job promotion!"

- Karyn: Senior Managing Director

"Kyle helps me see outside my normal patterns of thinking and inspires me to do things I didn't think were possible!  There's something about his approach that makes me feel safe and accepted for who I am.  He's worked with me to make FUN measurable steps toward being the person I want to be and helped me find new paths to my life dream!"

- Jodi M: Broadway Actress/Yoga Instructor

"Life coaching with Kyle was an eye opening experience. I always knew what my passion was, and what I wanted to do with it but never seemed to find the time. Immediately after beginning our work together, my panorama became much clearer and I stopped feeling overwhelmed by my own expectations. Thanks to his coaching, now I start my days feeling empowered, following my passion and most importantly enjoying the adventure!"

Hernan C: Illustrator