I have a confession to make:

I’m a Gemini. My brain works in contradictions - it thinks this AND that - it sees the value in both sides of the spectrum. So to appease my Gemini brain that I love so dearly, I bring you a blog post on the OTHER side of the spectrum from my post last week about performers who are OVER DOING IT

Dear Eccentric Performer,

Do you have a sneaking suspicion the world is passing you by? Are you a procrastination QUEEN?! Do you have a shit ton of amazing ideas and thoughts and intuitions about the exciting things you want to do with your life… and SOME DAY you will do them?! You SWEAR SOME DAY you will do them… and then turns out “some day” looks more like you eating gummy bears on your couch at 2am watching the Golden Girls with half a bottle of white wine, scrolling through the instagram of everyone else doing the things you said you wanted to do so bad?


If so, THIS blog is for you

Some people in life are GREAT at doing things. They get so much done in a day they can make Beyonce look like… well, like Michelle. When those type of people are out of balance and doing too much, they pay with their BEING as stated in last week’s post. Other people are great at paying attention to their BEING (these people may be found lounging in hot baths listening to Enya with a single tear running down their face thinking how sad and beautiful the world can be). That’s you, my dear. You are GREAT at being in touch with your feelings, emotions, intuitions… the softer side of Sears. When YOU are out of balance… the DOING side of you suffers and you end up stagnate, a wee depressed/anxious about not having the things you want.



I get it. Doing things like GOING to auditions, CALLING your agent, CREATING that one man show you’ve been dreaming of, WRITING that script… it’s scary. It takes such bravery and willingness to fail. But guess what? SOME DAY NEVER HAPPENS. Now THAT’S scary. It never happens. You have to MAKE your some day happen cuz aint nobody gonna do it for you.


1) Take all of your amazing BEING superpowers and infuse them into an idea that excites you more than you can handle. It should make your butt pucker in a good way.

2) Set a goal for yourself that is SMART:

Specific - It’s a real thing that can be seen in the real world that’s uniquely your own

Measurable - There is a date/time/location set for when this will be a successful reality

Accountable - A real life human is holding you accountable to doing these things (not just you)

Resonant - It’s something that makes you feel more like YOU than anything

Thrilling - You stay up at night thinking about it with excitement, and can’t wait to tell your friends all about it



This doesn’t work by thinking about it, reading another book on it, or praying on it over a blood moon my friend. This works by taking ACTION. Let you BEING inform your DOING and you get to HAVE what you want…

Let’s make it ACCOUNTABLE - Write down your SMART goal and email it to me. I double dog dare you. You deserve to live a balanced life - you deserve to have Enya in a bathtub AND the performing career you always dreamed of. It takes BEING and DOING… Now go DO IT!