Today, let's shine a light on Kyle Post Coaching client, John Noble Barrack! John is a goddamn rockstar at life - one of the most open hearted, authentic, generous people you're gonna find in this crazy profession. Here's what he had to say about what he got from coaching together:


"I have made INCREDIBLE CHANGES, faced uncertainty, and RISKED GREATLY in my personal and professional life all while feeling SUPPORTED and ENCOURAGED. I found difficult truths that I'd buried. I regained parts of myself I'd thought I'd lost.

I high-fived a new, BRIGHTER, HAPPIER self with each passing week!

As a person and as an artist, Kyle shepherded me towards my dreams and goals"

OOOOOOOO *Insert shoulder shimmy HERE!* 

* Ready to risk greatly? 

* Wanna high five a new, brighter, happier self?

* Looking for a weird-ass shepherd towards your dreams and goals?