Dear Eccentric Performer (yes you),

Are you feeling worn down? Exhausted? Like… “Oh my god how could I POSSIBLY do another audition/show/networking event again? - My feet are tired, and my hair is a goddam mess. If I have to put on another cute outfit and fake a smile and say hello to one more person I’m going to actually throw my left shoe at someone’s face”? If so, this post is for you


Let me tell you something you may not expect to read on a life coach's blog. 

Do less


So much of our modern culture is based on 1 equation: Do more, Get more

DO more at your auditions - GET more gigs, DO another class GET more success.  DO another squat - GET buns of steel. Do more, BELT HIGHER, TURN FASTER oh and don’t forget to SELL IT HONEY! Now don't get me wrong, doing things and getting things is fantastic. There's nothing quite like the rush of doing something you didn't think you could do and getting amazing results from it.

But DOING things is only half of the equation - and over doing it is costing you dearly. The more you do, the more you get, so you can do more and get more and do more and get more and OH MY GOD somewhere along the way you did everything, GOT 20 face creams you don’t use, 2 herniated disks in your back and 0 sense of accomplishment, joy, or fun. 


You’ve done EVERYTHING yet feel like you’ve got NOTHING

There is a missing piece in the DO - GET equation, friend



Just BE

- ‘Scuze me what?

Take a deep breath - right where you are. Think of that thing you want more than anything - A lead on Broadway? A series regular? An audition for an amazing pilot?

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. “To get what I REALLY want, who would it require me to BE?”

    inspired? playful? peaceful? excited? present? genuine? driven?

  2. “If I were truly BEING those things… What would it require me to DO?”


Who you are BEING in the face of your dream has as much to do with you having it as what you are DOING

“Yeah but Kyle, if I don’t DO things, I won’t get what I want!” CORRECT! And if you’re DOING all of those things BEING resentful, uninspired, inauthentic, silent, and anxious… Even if you GET what you want (good luck with that), you will never truly HAVE it. You will continue on the Do-Get spiral until you break

So, I feel you asking - How do I BE more?

You gotta feed it and encourage it to grow within you. What makes you FEEL inspired, or playful, or peaceful, or excited or present? Feed THOSE things in your life. Just for a bit, focus a little less on what you’re doing and a little more on your being (hint: they should feel like a RELIEF). Go take a damn bath surrounded by candles and listen to Indigo Girls, boo. Go hang out with your friends who inspire you and have a good laugh/cry. Make a list of the things you’re proud of that you’ve already accomplished and put that shit on your FRIDGE. The possibilities are endless.


When your BEING informs your DOING, then you can truly HAVE what you want without feeling like you’re going to lose your mind/throw shoes at faces

Go DO a little less, and BE a little more

Feel foreign? Sacrilegious even? I bet you have questions. Well I’m an EXPERT on this topic and I’ve guided many artists through this distinction

If you’re BEING curious about how I can help you

CONTACT ME and let’s chat!