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I thought I would start this off with a story.  My story of what brought me to life coaching.  "Why?" you ask. Well because we've all got stories.  Stories we tell that we love, stories we DON'T tell that we hate, stories we tell about ourselves crying and messy in the mirror (just me?) and they all give us a glimpse into who we are, where we came from and where we're going.  It's SCARY to share our stories (There's tension in numerous unmentionable areas of my body as I type this) because it means sharing VULNERABILITY.  But I believe our stories are all related to each other and I want you to REALLY get a chance to know me and why I'm here writing to you on this website.  So here we go:

This is a story about TRUST and DREAMS.

32 years ago a unique soul was welcomed to the world

He was loud, quirky, charismatic, emotional, bold and fun as hell. One of his earliest memories was a dream he had at age 7.  In his dream he was walking on his driveway in Michigan.  It was summer, a beautiful hazy day drenched in sun.  An image appeared to him from the sky above him. It was amorphous, but he could make out a giant friendly man with big hands.  The hands rested on the boy's shoulders and the man (a vision of who he knew God to be at 7... this vision would change through his life) said something he would never forget.  "You are going to do BIG things in this world. You are going to make a difference, so be prepared."

The boy would go on to live a charmed life - not easy - but full of magic.  His biggest dream - to be an actor on Broadway seemed impossible to reach from his life on a gravel road with goats, 20 minutes away from the nearest town... But after lots of hard work, heartache and dedication, he came to realize the dream at 22 years old just 5 weeks after moving to NYC.

Fast forward to 30 years old

and something started to shift in his dreams for his life.  His dream of being on Broadway was accomplished... 3 times over... and that dream felt complete. He began to question, "What if my next dream isn't about me? What if my next dream is about others?".  So he started listening to the ether around him.  What was it saying? What were the people around him saying? Where was it pointing him? A whisper said "Pssst you're a life coach... feed that.  Trust and feed that. Don't worry about how or the outcome and just do it."

He had watched enough Oprah to know to listen to the whisper ASAP

So he signed up for the best life coaching training he could find.  Life coaching would turn out to be second nature to him.  Confirmed to him from others as a strength... it was FUN! And yet he was filled with self doubt.  Terrified. He would get so caught up in the outcome - "Will I be successful? Will people laugh at me? Ugh the term life coach is so hokey! Will people give a flying fuck?" that he would become at times nearly paralyzed with fear or simply apathetic at best. 

Thankfully, at the wise old age of 31, he knew enough to know this wasn't a STORY about success, or what others thought, or the amount of flying fucks given.  He knew it was a story about TRUST and DREAMS.  So instead of seeing where he wasn't, he looked at what he had - a life surrounded by exceptional people, a gorgeous boyfriend whom he loved, a life full of joy and fun.  He looked back on his life: the promise of a 7 year old's dream, the ambition from a gravel road with goats, the dreams fulfilled and yet to come... and he chose TRUST.

Now's the fun part - writing the ending

The man would go on continuing to live the BIG AUDACIOUS life that the god-man in his dreams told him about.  He would, indeed make a big difference in the world.  He would develop something completely his own in the world of life coaching - unique, bold and fun as hell - just like him.  Like the rest of his life before it would be bigger, better, more magical than his wildest dreams.  He would travel the world (avoiding winter always) supporting himself as a coach.  He would wake up and think "Holy crap this is my life".  And Kyle wasn't just living HIS dreams.  He was enabling others to live THEIRS... and that allowed them to pass on THEIR joy from living a big audacious life.  And they would all together make a ripple in the time and space of humanity.

The END (for now)

Thanks for being a PART of my story & welcome to the website/blog!

What's YOUR story? What's YOUR dream? What do YOU want to share with others? 

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